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On Monday morning, police officers were again called to the home of Antonio Brown home in Florida. It was around 10 a.m. when police reached his house. 

It happened when Chelsie Kyriss, the mother of the three youngest kids of Brown, was bringing the children to school. Some words were exchanged and gummies. Yes, gummy candies were thrown.

Brown was on a video and yelling at the officer at the start, “She’s here to take the kids to school, not no vehicle. This b—- is broke, she doesn’t drive Bentleys. You see this, sir? That’s a f—— Bentley. This b—- is broke, with two other kids. That b—- got nothing. She doesn’t have any Bentley. She’s staying at a hotel. Ask her where she’s staying! Ask her!”

The officer and Brown had some exchange of yelling back. It was an argument whether Kyriss still owns the Bentley that she was driving that Brown gave her as a gift and still is hers or if that car still belongs to Brown. While the two were shouting at each other, the mother and the children can be seen in the background.

Again Brown was yelling, “This b—- f—— here from the hotel don’t have nothing. She came here to take the kids to school, the kids not getting to school. She doesn’t have no car. … Look at her, and she’s a f—— lost cause, look at her!”

It was already 40 minutes, and nothing had been reconciled yet, and he mentioned there was “no justice.” The police authorities stepped away with their phones, and Brown was yelling, “F— the feds right here! F— the NFL! This is real life.”

Unexpectedly, he picked a grab of gummy candies and showed them to the camera. His attention was on the woman this time “Bag of d—s,” he motioned. “Bag of d—- for the d—-. Hey, Chelsie! Here’s the bag of d—-. Fish head! Fish head! Fish! Fish, here you go, the bag of d—-, fish. Chels, here you go, the bag of d—-. F—— baser.”

Brown threw the bag of candies at her and the police officers.

The last thing that happened was him yelling profane and vulgar words.

Kyriss then shared some screenshots from Brown on her Instagram. These text messages didn’t have a date. 

Below are some messages which he sent to her:

Antonio Brown (AB): U going to be back here we going to recommit for our boys u hear me then I want to feel your love no more basic I mis you

  • Can I feel your love
  • Passcodes no bull shit you want me to let me be your men trust love n honor
  • I really want u sexually u been no gone to long so don’t come on no halfway shit
  • You heard me
  • Can not wait to feel your love idc how mad or whatever we have to commit to us n our family no bull shit I want to feel your love n sweetness like it was 2012 that subtle confidence and loving spirit I need that from you

Those text messages went on. Kyriss just superimposed on those screenshots with – This is what happens when you refuse to go back.

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