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Asahi is 27 days, citing a source familiar with North Korean situation, “North Korean Vice Foreign Minister bodoguk foreign press implementation is 19 days, Donald Trump, President of the United States ‘wonderful letter’ ( Nice, France. Note The If you do not have it released a discourse that denies) speak directly to the direction of Kim Jong Il It is difficult. ”

From this, the source said, Kim could have stayed until the 19th, or even if there was a health problem, payment was possible.

Another source familiar with the relationship between North Korea and China said to Asahi, “The recent North Korean consulate in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, China, gathered North Koreans in China and said, ‘There is no problem with Kim’s health.'”

It is not unusual that Kim’s sympathy has not been released for a long time, Asahi explained. According to ‘Radio Press,’ an analysis agency for listening to the communist area in Japan, Chairman Kim has been absent for more than 14 days, only three times this year.

In fact, the news of January 27th to February 15th (20th), March 23rd to April 9th ​​(18th) was cut off, and there was a long gap in 2014 (39th) and 2019 (27th). It was said to have been.

Also, Asahi said, “In December 2011, when Kim Jong-il died, North Korea ’s defense chairman, a stern guard was unfolded in a border town with China. According to trade partners in North Korea, there is no such movement at this time. It was said that it was too small.

Meanwhile, Chairman Kim has not revealed his appearance since presided over the party meeting held at the headquarters of the Central Committee of the Labor Party of Pyongyang on the 11th. Since then, Chairman Kim has not attended the visit to the Geumsusan Sun Palace, the event of the 15th Sun-jeol (Jin Il-sung’s birthday), and for the first time since taking power, the theory of health has been raised.

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