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Trump’s name is on a check for Americans.
70 million people to pick up ” Trump Name ” checks “
Democratic Party Rep.
Bill Trump to Ban Trump Name on Chequer
Suspicions on delays in sending checks

Controversy is growing in the U.S. political community over the fact that U.S. President Donald Trump’s checks are made for Americans who have been hit financially by the spread of the new Corona Virus (Corona 19).

The first Schumer Democratic Senate vote will push for legislation to prevent President Trump’s name from being included in checks that provide Americans to boost the economy, according to a U.S. congressional news agency ” The Hill. “

Schumer is preparing a bill called ” No PR Act ” to recover from the pandemic. The bill bans U.S. President Trump or Vice President Mike Pence’s name, autograph, and face on checks to be issued to Americans in the future.

" Is the tax-related tax money for Trump? " Democrats push for a ban
” Is the tax-related tax money for Trump? ” Democrats push for a ban

” Unfortunately, it seems that Trump sees the Pendemick situation as another opportunity to promote political interests, ” Shumer said. ” The bill will put an end to using taxpayers ‘ money to promote his re-election campaign. “

Democrats accuse Trump of being politically motivated by this year’s November presidential election by putting his name in a check for Americans who are suffering severe economic damage with Corona 19.

They say that the stimulus money made by Americans ‘ taxpayers ‘ money is a trick to show that Trump is giving favors with his own money.

Some 70 million Americans will receive a check with Trump’s name on it, and at least 80 million people will receive money through bank accounts through online remittances. The Democratic Party intends to prevent such acts from now on.

So far, only a Treasury signature has been used in government-issued checks, but this time, political controversy erupted when it was reported that Trump’s name was written in the cabinet, not the issuer of the checks.

In order to help Americans affected by Corona 19, the U.S. will pay $ 1,200 per adult and $ 500 per child by check or online remittance.

The Democratic Party also took issue with the Washington Post’s report that Trump’s sending checks was delayed due to his name in the check. ” It is a waste of time and money to delay the issuance of checks to include Trump’s name, ” Shumer said.

Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, said the check ” is a very important fund for Americans struggling to pay their rent and buy groceries. ” food. In response, Wyden sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin last week, asking for an explanation of why he made such a decision that could be politically beneficial to President Trump.

Previously, the Washington Post reported that the check on the left side had a statement titled ” payment due to economic impact ” written by the Treasury Department, and that Trump’s name was listed below it.

Trump initially wanted to include his name in the issuer of the checks, but so far, he stepped back in the face of opposition that it was customary for the Treasury to sign the checks in order to eliminate partisan disputes.

CNN reported that letters signed by President Trump were also sent by the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) under the Treasury Department to those who received the check.

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