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Related stocks are gaining ground on news that Big Hit Entertainment, the agency of BTS, achieved its best-ever performance with an operating profit of nearly 100 billion won.

According to Market Point, as of 3:03 p.m. on July 31, the keyeast (054780) was trading at 2,035 won, up 12.43 percent, or 25 won, from the previous trading day. Keyeast is mentioned as a “BTS-related shareholder” as the Japanese subsidiary of Keyeast owns BTS’ exclusive right to sign contracts in Japan to operate and manage Japanese fan clubs.

Chorokbaem Media (047820) is trading at 1,095 won, up 12.19 percent or 119 won. It is reported that he will work with Big Hit to produce a drama based on BTS’ view of the world. Diffie C (026890) is traded at 13.71 percent, or 720 won, at 5,970 won. Its subsidiary Stick Investments is a major shareholder of Big Hit Entertainment, an agency of BTS. Stick Investments does not own a stake in Big Hit, but a fund operated by Stick Investment holds a stake. Sonokong (066910) is trading at 1,510 won, up 12.69 percent, or 170 won. It distributes ‘BTS fashion idols’

On the same day, Big Hit disclosed its audit report for 2019 and announced its business results. According to the data released on the same day, Big Hit continued its best performance since its inception in fiscal year 2019 with 587.2 billion won in sales and 98.7 billion won in operating profit. The figure represents a 95 percent increase in sales and 24 percent increase in operating profit compared to the same period a year earlier.

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