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Almost $67 million worth of jewellery has been stolen from a British socialite in London, Tamara Ecclestone. She is the heiress of Formula 1.

Both she and her father believe that this robbery was an inside job.

According to The Independent, On Friday night, Ecclestone left the country for some holiday vacation, but shortly after leaving, the unfortunate event took place.

Her home that is located in Billionaire’s Row in Kensington, beside Hyde Park, is a large house with 57 rooms and enough security team to make things happen. The reason that is why her father, Bernie Ecclestone, believed that this was a conspiracy. He said during an interview “I don’t have all the facts, but given all the security at the house, I’m assuming it was an inside job. The police should be able to work it out, shouldn’t they?”.

Fifty minutes was all it took for three people to be able to break in the different security checkpoints in the home. The robbers took off earrings, rings and Cartier bangle (believed to be more than a hundred thousand and was a wedding present) from her vault. They ran off when a security guard saw them.

One neighbour commented “Whoever did this was in the house for 50 minutes in total and had time to smash open the safes that are hidden in Tamara’s dressing room and [husband] Jay’s dressing room. Neither would be easy to find”.

This property has been renovated by the heiress and has spent millions. It includes Amazonian crystal bathtub, a private nightclub, a bowling alley, a subterranean swimming pool, a beauty salon, a dog spa and a car lift”.

Investigators believed that these three robbers made its way into the garden and was able to enter Tamara’s bedroom whom she shares with her husband, Jay Rutland, for the hidden safes.

A spokesperson for the family announced, “Tamara and family are well but angry and shaken by the incident.” He added, “I can sadly confirm that there has been a home invasion. Internal security is cooperating with police in this matter.” He said, “If anyone has information that could help in investigations, then please call the police on 101 quoting reference 8786/13DEC19.”

According to Tamara’s father, Tamara Ecclestone is beautiful, she’s not happy but thank God no one was in the house. No one was at home apart from security. It’s all a bit funny at the moment. These things happen, and you’ve got to get on with jobs.”

There were heading for Lapland, Finland in their private jet when this incident happened.

The Scotland Yard spokesman said that the police were called about the residential property in the Palace Garden at 11:11 PM on Friday the 13thof December regarding the burglary.

Billionaire’s Row is home to most to several of the most expensive houses in the world and is guarded by the Diplomatic Protection Group Officers. No one has been arrested since the heist.

The spokesperson mentioned “Officers attended. It was reported that an amount of high-value jewellery had been stolen. There have been no arrests. Inquiries continue.”

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