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BTS Jungkook became the No. 1 most searched K-pop idol on YouTube in 2020, following last year, gaining the reputation of “social king.”

Recently, several media reported the top 100 most searched K-pop idols on YouTube in 2020.

According to “Top 100 YouTube Worldwide Most-Searched K-POP 2020 Year-End Chart,” BTS Jungkook was the most searched K-pop idol on YouTube in 2020.

In particular, Jungkook topped the list of most searched K-pop idols on YouTube in 2019, and swept it until 2020, showing a strong “Jungkook Power” that captures the ties of “the most searched K-pop idol on YouTube for two consecutive years.”

Besides, the social king enjoyed the highest popularity in 2020 due to his powerful influence on social media such as Google.

Jungkook recently won the throne from Google, the search engine, for the fourth consecutive year since 2017 as the No. 1 most searched K-pop idol in 2020. Also, it proved that “social media” dominated various social media, including the top K-pop star in 2020 selected by social media service “Tumblr” for the third consecutive year, the top global person views on global short-form video platform TikTok, and the second most retweeted tweets in 2020 on SNS Twitter.

“WMA”, World Music Award, posted Jungkook’s Google, TikTok, Tumblr, Billboard chart, and other top records set in 2020, and “JungKook dominated various social media platforms and popular music charts, and started 2021 at the top of the world,” it said on its official account.

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