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BTS Jimin’s self-composed songs “Promise” and “Christmas Love” are gaining unrivaled popularity in the New Year following 2020 on SoundCloud.

Jimin’s “Promise” has surpassed 255 million streams on the 2nd, maintaining the world’s No. 2 and No. 1 ranking in the world of SoundCloud, and is popular as a healing song for global fans.

Celebrating its second anniversary on December 31 last year, “Promise” swept the world wide No. 1 and real-time trends in 41 countries around the world as a Twitter hashtag festival for global fans, and donated relay fans to commemorate it, setting an example for good influence.

Jimin’s other self-composed song “Christmas Love,” which was released as a surprise gift to fans on December 24, 2020, debuted at No. 1 in 45 SoundCloud countries, and debuted at No. 1 in “All Music Genre” and No. 1 in the “Hot & New” chart, exceeding 6.48 million.

“Christmas Love,” which was also released on YouTube, was a hot hit, with popular videos from 54 countries at the time and topping the “Hot Issues” chart for seven consecutive days.

As a result, it set a new record of 10 million views in the shortest period of Korean YouTube audio videos in 2020, surpassing 18 million views on the 2nd, and recording 18.95 million times with 19 million views on the 6th.

Jimin’s “Christmas Love” is the best representative season song that spreads warm happiness energy, and its popularity is still showing in the new year after the end of the year.

Jimin is continuing his global popularity by not only showing off his unique performance but also showing off his wide range of vocal range, recognizing his popularity beyond gender, age and borders through his popularity.

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