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(PRESSREELS) Peruvian fans of the group BTS (RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook) are moving to protect the Amazon forest as it marks the seventh anniversary of BTS‘ debut.

BTS‘ Peru Fan Club (@BTS_Peru) tweeted on June 13: “To celebrate the seventh anniversary of BTS‘ debut, we delivered a donation to the ARBIO that could protect a six-hectare forest tree in Peru’s Amazon basin for a year.

The name of the forest is ‘The Eternal 7: BTS.’ The forest form was divided into the same shape as the number ‘7’. We promise to work to protect the Earth and biodiversity,” announced the news of the donation. The six-hectare area is equivalent to about eight soccer fields (7140 square meters).

The ARBIO, which was delivered by the Peruvian fan club, is a non-profit organization that participates in civil society under the leadership of women to engage in Amazon forest conservation activities. Donations are used to protect and nurture the Amazon rainforest. The ARBIO official website specifies the location of the “BTS Forest” in the shape of the number ‘7’, the donor name, and the progress of the protection activities.

Donors from six districts that make up the “BTS Forest” add warmth to the seven members’ names, as well as phrases containing the love of Peruvian fans such as “Peru loves BTS” and “Borahae.”

Peru’s famous radio channel “Studio92” (Studio92) aired three BTS songs in a row in celebration of the news.

The Peruvian fan club said, ‘Our love for BTS and our hearts for celebrating the seventh anniversary of our debut are wider and bigger than the universe.”He expressed his passionate love for BTS.

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