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The spread of the new coronavirus is rapid, in China and all over the world.

This has brought a lot of fear and anxiety from people.

As of the writing, there are 81,000 positive cases are reported and almost 3,000 deaths. Six continents in the world are affected.

Most of the national health and medical experts may have warned us about, but they have assured that the virus could be deadly, but many who are infected only got mild symptoms and recovered fully.

It is essential to know and understand the factors to refrain from global panic and to get a picture of the transmission.

Dr Jin Dongyan, a virology expert from the University of Hong Kong, said for governments, for public health professionals — they also have to deal with these, because these will also be harmful.

A lot of details about the virus is still unknown, and the danger is when it spreads across the rest of the world. However, there are some significant factors that experts could tell us about it.

According to the February 11 reports of China, 44,672 cases were positive, but more than 36,000 or 81% are mild. This published study was from the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Other categories are severe and critical. Symptoms for severe is shortness of breath, low blood oxygen saturation and lung problems.

Critical symptoms are respiratory failure, septic shock or multiple organ dysfunction. The positive thing that we can look forward is that only 14% of these patients are severe, and 5% are under critical cases. The death rate in China is 2.3% in total, but the rate from Hubei Province is higher, 2.9% as compared to 0.4% all over the world.

A mild case may look like common cold and symptoms are limited that sometimes these cases don’t need medical care. Some people are infected but don’t show any signs at all.

For this type of infection, the coronavirus would be comparable to seasonal flu or cold.

Dr Jin said, “Some of these patients, they go unrecognized. It could be just as small as a sore throat. Then one day, two days, it’s gone.” Mild cases could cause pneumonia and would have symptoms like fatigue, low fever.

As per the published medical journal, 99% of the coronavirus patients have cough or fever when they were brought in for a checkup. Others had breath shortness and muscle ache.

Coronavirus is dangerous for critical cases, 49% of those in this stage died but comparing it to the whole circumstances, this is just a tiny fraction.

Many of the deaths happened in Hubei, where it all started, but it is also a place where medical staff and facility are full. This would have been more dangerous for developing countries. Weak health systems could be a significant problem.

For mild cases, the symptoms will go away like common colds and flu. Some experts said that those who have coronavirus would not be infected again as their system will produce antibodies which provide immunity.

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