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Demi Lovato had been out of the limelight for the past year. 

Just yesterday, Demi Lovato finally broke her silence and made her first comeback interview. 

The former Disney star described how life has been with her and how she was able to overcome a lot of struggles. 

Many of her fans may not have forgotten about her overdose in July 2018. According to Paramedics at that time, they brought a 25 year old lady to Los Angeles Hospital for heroin overdose, however, it was reported that she didn’t get overdosed from drugs. 

Her history with substance abuse isn’t a secret. She had been open about it to the media. Fans were wondering about her unexpected track entitled “Sober”. Did it convey her real situation in life?

Nevertheless, she has become stronger and has more positive outlook in life. She advised people about doing something that really make them happy and to really believe in themselves. People should not please other people.

Demi Lovato Overcame A Lot

Demi Lovato narrated about how she would stand up in front of the mirror and tell herself that her body is amazing and wonderfully made but it was all a lie. 

People should just accept their being and just be healthy. Acceptance is the key. There is no need to change anything in your body if you are happy with it.  

Lovato opened up about her eating disorder when she was younger.  She used to go to the gym until she tires herself. Because of pushing herself so hard, she eventually was trapped to the darker path, as mentioned by her. 

As part of her acceptance, she made October her rest month from the gym.

ET got some information that Lovato has been sober for a year already and she has been feeling optimistic with her outlook. 

In October, she posted in her Instagram about a tragedy of friend. She was detailing to her fans about addiction problem and how this should be taken seriously.

ET’s source said that Lovato is in the best place now, celebrating her one year of being sober. She also took a break from the social media to focus more on family, friends and her new album.

During the interview, fans were eager to know about the timeline of her upcoming tracks but she didn’t mention anything in particular.

She emphasized also that she wants to be remembered as a singer. 

Demi Lovato’s Career

Her career started when she portrayed as Angela in Barney and Friends in 2002. She got a good spotlight when she got into different roles from Disney Channel. High School Musical Album proved to be one of her major achievements reaching top 3  in the US Billboard 2000. “Sorry Not Sorry” was her highest selling song in the US. This talented singer has released 6 studio albums and has won several awards and nominations in the past. 

Fans have been dying to know more about her current life. But for now, she shared some positive insights about being true to oneself and hoping in some ways or another this could help people who are trying to cope up with the different outlook in life. 

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