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It might be all fitting that Popeyes chicken sandwich was offered again to their customers on National Sandwich Day. Seeing the queue for the famous chicken sandwich is quite impressive. 

People were lining up to get another taste of it. 

Popeyes first offered their chicken summer in August. It was later discontinued. Customers were so eager to try it. 

There were several instances when an internet story came up about it; then, a particular customer made a gun-point at the cashier and some branches selling a thousand sandwich all day. 

These made some curious customers yearning for a taste of the so-called Popeyes Chicken Sandwich all the more.

On November 3, customers got to try this one again.

One man lined up for drive-thru before 10 am and because the cashier told him that they would only start serving at that time. He got 11 as his queuing number. The manager told them that they would be able to serve Popeyes Chicken Sandwich only at 11. It was along with some drive-thru cars and those parked outside,

Many of them decided to hold on and wait even though that branch accepted only cash transactions. The patient man waited 25 minutes until he was able to order.

What’s the fuss about the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich?

What is different about this? Like what chicken sandwiches most often are, it is a soft bun or brioche on a breaded fillet with a dollop of mayonnaise and slices of pickles, but still, people want to get one for the road. 

This sandwich is only available in only 150 branches out of 3000.

What are the chicken-sandwich lovers saying?

Fans raged about the waiting time on Twitter. Most of them have a wait time of 1 hour.

“I waited for two hours to get that Popeye’s chicken sandwich. It was DE-LIC-IOUS. But I’m never waiting for it like that again. Omg”

“The boyfriend is at Popeyes right now, and the estimated wait time is an hour.”

“The first bite of the chicken sandwich brought me to tears.”

ChicK-Fil-A are closed on Sundays. That left customers who were craving for the chicken sandwich to be just patient with Popeyes waiting time instead. They went to their rival.

A good strategy for Popeyes, whose advertisement goes “ This is not a drill… We’re fully stocked”. 

For those avid fans, Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich is worth the wait. Others say it was alright, whereas some didn’t want to wait a ridiculous amount of time. Many might not have known, but this sandwich can be ordered online in advance from their app and pick it up once it is done, so there is not so much waiting in the store.

There were no more Popeyes chicken sandwich in stock after lunch hour.

This second rave was a success for Popeyes, but it might have a hard time keeping up with its marketing boost, although they are now confident that this time, they will meet the demands of the market. 

They have increased their branch staff to cover for this.

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