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The community of anime is now in mourn for the death of the voice actor Brice Armstrong. 

At the age of 84, he died of natural cause.

He was able to provide the English dub of Dragon Ball and other characters in Dragon Ball Z series, which includes Captain Gin Yu and Lord Slug.

Other shows which he provided his voice were Yu Yu Hakusho, Lupin the Third and Case Closed.

Mary Collins Agency confirmed the death through their Facebook:

“I’m sad to say we lost a dear client and friend, voice actor Brice Armstrong, on Friday, January 10th, 2020. He died of natural causes at his home at age 84. Although many of you might not know Brice’s work, as he retired in 2009, many more of you knew Brice as an exceedingly talented voice actor, and a charming, funny guy.”

It continues, “Brice was preceded in death by his beloved wife of 42 years, Marianna, who passed away in 2008.”

Six children survive him, several of who predictably ended up in the theatrical and gaming industries: Daughter Robin Armstrong, Sons Joshua Armstrong and wife Marianne, Joseph Armstrong, Paul Armstrong and wife Rebecca; Matthew Armstrong and wife Emily; Anthony Armstrong and wife Nha; and nine grandchildren: Mason, Jasmine, Diana, Alexander, Evelyn, Ashley, Elizabeth, Ryken and Logan. Plans for a memorial are pending.

Brice’s favourite charity was Heifer International.

Christopher Sabat, a voice actor and founder of Okratron 5000, said, “Brice was the kindest, funniest person I’ve ever known. He was always humble, never in a bad mood–not the attitude you’d expect from such an industry legend.”

Several of the anime fans paid tribute to the voice actor on social media: Goku: Just received word from King Kai. It pains me to share that voice actor, Dragon Ball narrator, and a legend among the anime community, Brice Armstrong has passed away at 84 from natural causes. He, of course, has passed through the Other World Check-In Station. May he rest in peace.

Ranpo, the fan of voice actors: RIP Brice Armstrong, you will be missed.

Garret Roberts: Now is when we need to gather the dragon balls. RIP #BriceArmstrong I will never forget the sound of your voice!

Sonny Strait: Just learned of the passing of Brice Armstrong, Narrator of Dragon Ball and the voice of Captain Ginyu. His voice set the tone of this wacky and cool series we had acquired back in the day. Powerful pipes and larger than life character. Rest In Peace, Brice

The voice behind Star Wars’ villain Darth Vader, dubbed by James Earl Jones, even told him, “I wish I had your vocal control.”

Armstrong left the world with six children and nine grandchildren. They are asking for donations in his memory to Heifer International. It is a charity that provides livestock and other agriculture to eradicate hunger and encourage sustainability.

 Here is the link for the fundraiser.

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