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Just before midnight of their local time, Granada Hills of Los Angeles just got struck by an earthquake as per Southern California Earthquake Centre or the SCEC. Fortunately, no damage or injuries occurred. 

The epicenter for the earthquake was 34.303°N 118.486°W mark of Granada Hills with a magnitude of 3.6 and was recorded to have a depth of 4.3 miles with an intensity level of (IV) or light. It was only reported to have a light shaking according to the United States Geological Survey or the USGS. 

The SCEC’s official Twitter account that it was first felt in San Fernando Valley with light shaking at 11:41.

The epicenter for this earthquake was writing Los Angeles City, as stated by the reports from the Los Angeles Fire Department. Around Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley region, there were some light shaking and also in parts of Anaheim, Santa Ana, and the Angeles National Forest.

When that incident happened, the LAFD immediately switched to “Earthquake Emergency Mode,” ensuring if there is a need for emergency service in the city. The survey already took place, and there was no report of serious injury or some significant infrastructure damage from this earthquake. A statement from their website says:

The LAFD has concluded the systematic survey of the City of Los Angeles by ground and air and is pleased to report that no significant infrastructure damage was noted by our personnel in the City of Los Angeles and that there has been no loss of life or serious injury that we can directly attribute to the M3.6 earthquake. With our survey complete, the LAFD has concluded Earthquake Emergency Mode and has resumed normal operations. We ask you to use today’s quake as a reminder to be prepared.

The Los Angeles Police Department also confirmed through its twitter:

“there are reports of any no damage and injuries to the LAPD at this time.

“The LA 9-1-1 system is fully functional. These jolts are a good reminder to #beprepared,”

Red Cross Los Angeles shared this on their Twitter:

Disasters are stressful and can leave many feeling scared and unnerved. Take care of yourself following an #earthquake & reach out to your family and friends who may be having a hard time.

Many of the residents from the said areas shared their experiences and emotions during the earthquake using #earthquake and #laearthquake

One user said, OK, earthquake! You just scared the Hell out of me! I walked in the door from the gym & things fell off my walls as I opened the door! Cut that s&*& out!!!

Another user, Twitted, also I don’t understand why people in the Los Angeles area ask Twitter if they felt the earthquake too as if it doesn’t shake all of LA. Nevada, Arizona, and Northern California feel most of your earthquakes.

Meanwhile, celebrities reacted also.

Sarah Silverman twitted, “Oh please let that be it. I still don’t know what to do during an #earthquake.”

Darcy Carden wrote, “that just felt like….someone kicked my house?? weird earthquake.”

La Toya Jackson also asked her followers, “Did anyone else feel that #earthquake.”

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