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Facebook has unveiled its new logo on Monday, November 4.

The social media site said its purpose is to let people know that there is some shared infrastructure under its parent company.

What does the new FB logo look like?

The new logo says “FACEBOOK” (all in uppercase) instead of “facebook.” The company said that its ‘unique’ brand signifies clarity and optimism.

Many of the users don’t know that Instagram, WhatsApp, and more are together in one company.

Facebook platform app will retain its logo, but the new brand will be incorporated into WhatsApp with green font and purple, pink, reddish for Instagram.

Instead of the single blue F logo, people will start seeing the complete brand, FACEBOOK and also to make money. One of its primary purposes is to have them recognize its founder.

These would mean that all these teams may work with each other. In short, this rebranding would show their users the services they are offering.

Facebook mocked by other tech giants

Now, the CEO from Twitter, Jack Dorsey, mocked Facebook’s logo. He had to share it on his platform, Twitter.

This is not a secret that Dorsey voices out everything he has issues within this case, Facebook and its found Mark Zuckerberg.

Some people were even waiting for him to make his comment on the change. Dorsey tweeted and, in some ways, trolled Facebook’s supposed to be a significant change. His tweet was “Twitter from TWITTER.”

Another critic of Facebook’s practices, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, voiced out her opinion on Twitter “Facebook can rebrand all they want. They can’t hide the fact that they are too big and powerful. It’s time to #BreakUpBIGTHECH”

Several Twitter users made a joke about it. One user said, “This is Facebook’s new logo. Someone spent millions on that” and attached the new logo with his tweet.

On the other hand, experts in marketing said that the change from lowercase to uppercase might have a considerable impact.

For example, all lowercase may mean friendly and small, but when it comes to uppercase, it could perceive as formal and robust. Bank institutions and big business companies mostly use uppercase.

This kind of branding convinces users that this logo can be trusted.

Dorsey made a policy last week that all political messages are not allowed in the Twitter platform because, according to him, “Political message reach should be earned and not bought.”

That was a criticism shortly after Facebook released it’s earning for the quarter. Dorsey then suggested to check their earnings and remove those ads that are politically inclined or those that have false or lie platforms.

Social media platforms have now taken over globally, and Facebook is one of the leading ones.

The question is: Will the public like its rebranding? What impact will it give? Was it worth it?

In the past, a platform crisis would affect itself. Now, one crisis will affect the others because of incorporating one brand for all these. One thing for sure, though, Facebook is not yelling at its users. It is just more of their own design choice.

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