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Fotis Dulos tried to kill himself at his home in Connecticut.

After dropping their five children to school, her wife never came back and has gone missing.

He was accused of murdering her.

On Tuesday, he attempted suicide, and news emerged that he died, but some reports now said that they tried to revive him and is now in the hospital in a critical condition.

Mr. Dulos, 52 years old, was earlier charged with murder and kidnapping of his wife, Jennifer Dulos, soon after bringing their children to school on the 24th of May. The body of Jennifer wasn’t found.

As of the writing, the husband is treated for carbon monoxide poisoning and is said to be in critical condition at the UConn Health in Farmington, according to the spokesperson of Farmington Police, Lieutenant McKenzie.

Mr. Dulos was in his home garage, inside his car in Farmington, a suburb according to Lieutenant McKenzie said that officers were sent to his home around noontime since he didn’t appear during the scheduled court appearance. The officers saw Mr. Dulos in “medical distress” through the window of the garage and went in. They started doing “lifesaving measures” right away.

The lawyer of Mr. Dulos, Norm Pattis, made a statement that he was told that his client was brought to the hospital. The staff from UConn declined to make a statement regarding the said incident.

This case captured a lot of attention because of the mysterious disappearance of the mother. There had been some assumptions that they were in a bitter divorce battle for two years when she went missing. The authorities started to investigate the disappearance when she missed several of her appointments, and text messages and calls were left unanswered.

They went to her home in New Canaan, a wealthy suburb 50 miles from New York, and found blood smears on the garage floor. Her car was found abandoned some miles away from her home. The authorities said that she was a victim of a violent attack and that someone tried to clean the crime scene.

Immediately, Fotis Dulos became the prime suspect when they learned about the divorce case they were at that time.

On the day she filed for divorce in June of 2017, she was scared that her husband might harm her, making some baseless accusations along the way. According to her, Mr. Dulos has “irrational, unsafe, bullying, threatening and controlling behavior.”

As per mobile records, the authorities learned that Mr. Dulos and his girlfriend were in Hartford on that night; Mrs. Dulos vanished. In a surveillance video, they were seen throwing trash bags on several mile-long roads.

The police found the trash bags, and inside were bloodstained items containing Mrs. Dulos’ DNA. There were some cleaning supplies as well, and one bag contained some traces of Mr. Dulos and the girlfriend’s DNA.

After a few weeks of investigation, they arrested the couple on tampering charges. According to the study, he attacked her around 8:05 to 10:25 AM and rented a truck to drive her body away.

He pleaded not guilty to murder while the girlfriend was charged with conspiracy to commit crime.

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