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(PRESSREELS) The Samsung Galaxy A series marketing campaign “Samsung Galaxy A-#danceAwesome” challenge and the advertisement video for “AWESOME is for everyone” won the “D&AD Award” in the U.K., which boasts world-class authority.

According to Samsung Electronics on the 21st, the Galaxy A series campaign won the Grapite Pencil (Silver) in the “Entertainment” category as a dance challenge at this year’s D&AD, and Wood Pels (Bronze) in the “Sound Design and Music Use Category” category for advertising videos.

D&AD is a nonprofit advertising and design festival that began in London in 1962. The Galaxy A series carried out the “AWESOME is for everyone” campaign aimed at Generation Z with products with strong usability such as immersive displays, excellent camera functions and high-capacity batteries at the festival.

Samsung Electronics explained that the commercial video, which was awarded this time, is said to have effectively delivered the characteristics of the Galaxy A series based on the latest social networking service (SNS) sharing behavior of Generation Z, a major consumer group, with addictive hook songs and rhythmic screen configurations that repeat “Awesome,” “Screen,” “Camera” and “Battery.”

The “#danceAwesome” challenge, which was conducted on the video sharing social media “TikTok” favored by Generation Z, was conducted in a way that participants filmed videos themselves and shared them on their TikTok accounts. A total of 4.7 million videos, including girl group BLACKPINK, have been uploaded and received more than 2.02 billion views.

“Galaxy A series focused on the use experience that they need most to draw consensus from Generation Z,” said Choi Seung-eun, marketing team leader of Samsung Electronics’ Wireless Business Department. “We will continue to develop new and original ideas so that young consumers can find it interesting, such as the Dance Awesome Challenge that we collaborated with Black Pink, to enhance our global brand status.”

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