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NEW ID, Adoba, etc. North America and Europe, China Distribution Cooperation

“Glance TV will expand the publishing of content targeted at global OTT such as North America and China.”

Glance TV, South Korea’s leading MCN company, announced on the 12th that it will sign a contract with New ID, an affiliate of NEW, and Adoba, an operator of MCN specializing in China, to provide content and expand its original content publishing for global OTT. Glance TV said its global channel coverage will expand to 12 countries including North America, South America and Europe and China following Japan last year.

Glance TV Expanding Content Publishing for Global OTT

First, Glance TV will first provide K-pop and entertainment content to 11 countries, including the United States, Canada and Mexico, in cooperation with New ID, a global OTT channel operator that launched the digital broadcasting channel New K.ID, in February this year. New ID is a business that is being serviced in partnership with global OTT platforms such as XUMO, an ad-based free TV platform that supplies premium broadcasting channels, VEWD, Europe’s largest connected TV platform operator, and LG Channels.

Kim Jo-han, director of New ID, said in a partnership with Glance TV, “Glance TV’s celebrity-based content is of great help in that it can strengthen K-lifestyle content on New K.ID. In the future, we will work closely with Glance TV to promote contents of K-beauty, fitness, fashion to North America, Europe and South America.

Glance TV Expanding Content Publishing for Global OTT

In addition, Glance TV said it will sign a Professional Generated Contents (PGC) agreement with Adoba, a Chinese MCN company, to supply content to video platforms in China.

Glance TV Expanding Content Publishing for Global OTT

In partnership with Glance TV, Adova’s CEO Ahn Joon-han said, “Glance TV is already creating excellent global content. Through Korea’s only Chinese-specialized MCN Adova, we will cooperate with more Korean content providers, MCNs and creators, including Glance TV, to succeed in the Chinese market,” he said.

Park Sung-jo, CEO of Glance TV, said, “COVID19 has rapidly increased the consumption of video content through various OTTs such as mobile and TV, and the demand to consume Korean content in a faster and more locally optimized format has increased,” and added, “It will quickly expand the original IP of Glance TV through excellent publishing partners that deploy video channel businesses based on global OTT, including North America, South America, Europe and China.”

Glance TV said it is working with global platforms such as YouTube, Daily Motion and TikTok, which have entered Korea, and local video platforms, and has opened its own channels on global video OTT platforms such as Japan since last year, and has been showing good results through steady localization work such as subtitles. In September last year, the “Hidden Track: GWSN” episode, which was introduced through its own channel on “GAYO,” one of Japan’s largest video platforms, received enthusiastic responses, recording 3 million views a week after the upload.

Glance TV Expanding Content Publishing for Global OTT

Glance TV plans to expand its own contents such as K-pop and entertainment, K-pop and entertainment, K-lifestyle contents such as fashion, beauty and fitness, as well as JeA, a former vocalist of Brown Eyed Girls, and ordinary people and musicians who are gaining high popularity together, and plans to produce entertainment contents that suit global consumers’ tastes.

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