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Google is one of the leading companies when it comes to machine learning, AI, voice recognition and software in general. We have seen that this is true because of the Google Assistant which is undoubtedly the best and does the job extremely fast as well. Google uses machine learning and artificial intelligence in its Google Assistant to understand speech in different accents and give relevant results. Now, Google has achieved a new breakthrough in the field of technology according to reports. We are talking about quantum technology and it is said that Google is the first company to achieve ‘Quantum Supremacy’.

Basically, Quantum technology in simple words is to do intense tasks in just fraction of seconds which a human cannot even imagine. We have seen Quantum technology being used inside Google Assistant from the company to give you results. Now, Google has achieved Quantum Supremacy and it is said that the company is ‘capable of performing calculations that even the most advanced traditional computers cannot handle’.

Financial Times reports that Google recently filed a research paper that was posted online where it revealed that Google’s Quantum computer did ‘a calculation in three minutes that would take the most powerful supercomputer 10,000 years to complete’. While the specifics of this calculation are not known, it is said that the task is impossible at the moment for other computers.

One thing that we know is that Google used a 53-qubit processor that was dubbed as Sycamore. Intel said that “Google’s recent update on the achievement of quantum supremacy is a notable mile marker as we continue to advance the potential of quantum computing,” “Achieving a commercially viable quantum computer will require advancements across several pillars of the technology stack.” Not only Google, we know that Intel, IBM and other companies are also working on Quantum Supremacy and Google has just become the first to achieve it.

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