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You must have heard by now that there was a major incident that took place in Saudi Arabia last week. This was the drone attack that took place in the Saudi Arabia oil facilities. While Saudi Arabia claims that Iran was responsible for the attack and Iran is denying it, there is also the question of why Saudi Arabia could not defend its most valuable locations.

There have been conspiracy theories as well which claim that the attacks might have been planned by insiders in the Saudi Kingdom who wanted the prices of its oil to go up. Now, we are not going to add anything to that as we have no evidence to prove so. However, we are definitely going to tell you about what experts think of the situation.

Peter Roberts, director of military sciences at the Royal United Services Institute said that “I don’t think there is any country that could have defended any better than Saudi Arabia did, and that includes the United States,”. Talking about this attack, Peter said that eighteen drones and seven cruise missiles bombarded the facilities in an assault described as a “Pearl Harbor-type” attack. Obviously, the attack was extremely precise and use of drones meant that it was very difficult to avoid them unless there was intelligence prior to the attacks.

Peter added that “Even though Riyadh has a capable military with air defence systems, its forces could do little to stop the onslaught”. The Guardian, in an article with the title: “Middle East Drones Signal End to Era of  Fast Jet Air Supremacy,” said that this was “the first full-blown drone attack on a strategic site of global significance.”

The fears of similar attacks in the future cannot be discarded as other experts say that “The bottom line is that we are likely to see many more of these sorts of attacks, and in particular, coordinated attacks on multiple targets are likely, possibly in tandem with a cyber attack component,”

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