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NEW K.ID – The only K-Pop Entertainment channel on XUMO

  • GWSN as the number one K-Pop idol group
  • Fact iN Star as the number on program
  • N.Flying as the only one who has entered on rankings over all four charts
  • Noting that K-Pop girl groups ranked from the 1st to the 3rd place on the idol charts!

GWSN was ranked first for the third week of May in the NEW K.ID Idol Top 10 Chart. What stands out most is that the top three idol groups are all girl groups in the order of GWSN, LABOUM, and fromis_9

From the 4th to 10th place, it was a combination performance of ONEUS, A.C.E, BLACKPINK, Lovelyz+LOONA+Dreamcatcher’s joint stage, N.Flying, MINSEO, and  HINAPIA. In particular, N.Flying, who celebrates their fifth anniversary of debut on May 20, has proved their popularity in three places in the program chart as well as in the idol ranking Top 8

The program’s highest watching time was dominated by the Fact iN Star that had entered the third place in the last two weeks, followed by Show Champion and Weekly Idol

The most popular idol programs are Fact iN Star, Endurance Chart (6th), and Idol Test (7th). Performances by the artists who belong to FNC Entertainment such as N.Flying, SF9 and AOA are also worthy of attention

NEW K.ID Weekly Audience Rating is calculated by adding the total watched time of both live streaming and on-demand service from U.S. viewers. NEW K.ID, the only TV channel that allows viewers to enjoy K-POP Idol-related content programming 24/7 and exclusive episodes curated from 10K+ videos, is available at CH 511 for free on LG Smart TVs and XUMO apps on all Internet-connected devices

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