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Kanye West has finally released his album on October 25, entitled “Jesus is King.”

This is his 9th album already and broke his personal record. The online stream gathered almost 200 million demands for this new genre of album, according to Billboard. This album garnered a lot of praise from Christian artists and even leaders in the evangelical society.

This even mentioned about Chick-fil-A “Closed on Sunday.”

Kanye West Gospel-Rap

West’s song “Jesus Walks” will come out today.

Unexpectedly, the album became the second-largest sales topping this week for the R&B and Hip-hop genre. It sold over 100,000 copies. West told reporters that he is going to stop using vulgar words for his songs. He even has significant plans for his path this time.

West said that he’s going to release another song on December 25. The title is “Jesus is Born.” He quoted, “ Music is my job. Serving God in everything that I can do is my job.” Quite a turnover from his previous life.

Sunday Service

This rapper, along with 80 others from his Sunday Service choir, began by singing his “Closed on Sunday” from his latest album – “Hold the selfies. Put the ‘gram away. Get your family. Y’all hold hands and pray. … Raise our sons. Train them in the faith, through temptations. Make sure they’re wide awake. Follow Jesus. Listen and obey..”

This service was free to all people who would want to attend the ceremony, but Affiliate Nation sold a ticket worth $55 plate brunch. Bethany Church acknowledged that it was their field that was used for the service but in no ways affiliated with the service.

Furthermore, in Baton Rouge, a 1000 people raised their hands to commit to living a Christian life during West’s Sunday Service. The pastor from Louisiana himself was pleased to have seen this kind of dramatic “new wave of revival.”

West opened up his Sunday Service, although not so regular yet, several months ago. He traveled to different states doing some gospel services and doing performances from his new album “ Jesus is King.” Another pastor at Crossroads Church in Lafayette attended his ceremony, also together with his wife. The crowd was at least 6000 people, and 1000 raised their hands to commit and respond to the gospel and to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The group was of different ages, races, and life.

A pastor took to Instagram what he saw and pointed out West and the change in him spiritually. Not to mention that this service was only a last-minute announcement on Friday. There were no stage lights, no fancy equipment, but Bethany Church’s pastor, Jonathan Stockstill, introduced the singer/ rapper to the enormous crowd. Many are in doubt of the rapper’s new faith, but according to a pastor, “ The spirit of the living God was indeed present.”

Not only are the people from Baton Rouge excited about the service, but a lot of people are glad that West is showing the community how to lift Jesus’ name.

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