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On Thursday, NBCUniversal revealed some parts of its latest streaming service, Peacock streaming, to its investors.

It promises to be consumer-friendly in terms of advertising that is different from the rest of the competitors. 

What is great about this is it is mostly free to its consumers and supports ads through advertisements instead.

Two of the biggest streaming channels which don’t have ads are Netflix and Disney.

Linda Yaccarino, NBCUniversal’s chairman for advertising and partnerships, presented the details, and it stressed out that for Peacock to be successful, there is a need for the buildup of ad experience in the digital streaming TV. 

Some of the strategies which she shared were low advertising load. The regular advertisements in an hour for TV shows are about 15 minutes, NBCU said it would only have 5 minutes instead. 

Peacock will also filter the number of the same ads which are being aired at a particular time, so viewers don’t feel swamped. Because it is going to be free, the video quality will be as good as all the other streaming channels. The videos will have high conditions.

Here is the 3-pricing cost of Peacock streaming:

  1. Free – Limited programming and with commercials
  2. 4.99/ month – Current programing and favorites with commercials
  3. $9.99/ month – Full programming with more than 600 movies and 400 TV series and no commercials

The Peacock streaming will debut with new scripted shows from the creators such as Will Forte, Mindy Kaling, Norman Lear, Amy Poehler. If you are a fan of “Law & Order” and “Chicago Fire,” you better subscribe to them because it will be the only place where these shows will be streamed. 

There will also be some live shows such as news, sports, and late-night ones.

For the record, Yaccarino shared that NBCU is trying to make its streaming service agreeable to its younger consumers; thus, there are some things for new commercials.

What is more, to expect from Peacock are the trending ads features, those are trending topics that are timely and solo ads that would enable one advertiser to sponsor its single advertisement in an episode. 

Command ads are also added. These are voice ads that allow viewers to interact with commercials using voice controls on their remotes.

Mentioning of innovations, there will be shoppable TV ads as well as prime pod ads. This refers to prime time and thus longer ads. NBCU has already tested this.

Comcast, being NBC’s parent company, needs to ensure that their consumers won’t leave their cable packages, will be offering their cable customers and internet-only Flex customers for free on April 15, when it will be launched. Its national launch will be three months after that.

The presentation was mostly on commercials and advertising and its consumer experience. 

It has yet to announce its content strategy. NBCU plans to spend $2 billion for Peacock streaming for a start. For the service to be successful, they should start offering consumers a shallow price point, which is why the ad-based streaming is available.

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