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Eminem made a surprise for his fans by releasing an album on Friday, “Music to Be Murdered By”. 

This and a video that calls for a change in the gun laws. The rapper whose real name is Marshal Mathers wrote on his Twitter. It’s your funeral…#MusicToBeMurderedBy Out Now with a link to it. 

This album is a release after his last one, “Kamikaze,” that was released in 2018. Also, a surprise album only announced on Twitter. It also had a political element that references the current president, Donald Trump.

The new music video “Darkness”, one of the tracks in the 20-track-album, showed a shooting in a concert. 

The lyrics, as well as the storyline of the music video, depicts what happened to the 2017 mass shooting during a music festival in Las Vegas. That tragic event left 58 people dead, and this hits as the deadliest mass shooting in the country. The video shows video footage and audios of news broadcasts regarding other mass shootings around the US and for people to register to vote.

The ending of the video had a text which says, “When will this end? When enough people care. Register to vote at Make your voice heard and help change gun laws in America.”

Eminem also shared alike for the viewers to contact or visit some gun violence prevention organizations, which also includes Everytown for Gun Safety and Sandy Hook Promise.

The latest album cover has some blood splatter and Eminem with a beard in a suit and a fedora hat while holding a shovel. Another album cover shows the same blood splat but the artist without a hat holding a hatchet and a gun to his head. This is a tribute to the 1958 album of Alfred Hitchcock. Eminem tweeted, “Inspired by the master, Uncle Alfred!”

One of the tracks called Alfred is the artist talking in a 20-second clip. It says, “How do you do? Ladies and gentlemen/My name is Alfred Hitchcock, and this is Music To Be Murdered By/It is mood music in a jugular vein/So why don’t you relax? Lean back and enjoy yourself/Until the coroner comes.”

Another thing which makes it controversial is the song “Unaccommodating,” it depicts the Manchester concert of Ariana Grande. “But I’m contemplating yelling ‘Bombs away’ on the game like I’m outside of an Ariana Grande concert waiting,” he raps.

He contemplates himself as the suicide bomber at the concert. There was a suicide bomber during the event and killed 22 people outside in 2017. Many listeners said that the lyrics are disgusting and very low.

A popular hashtag in Twitter is trending #EminemIsOverParty, while others call this an overreaction.

Grande didn’t comment yet, but she has been vocal about how that tragic event affected her.

The “Music to Be Murdered By” is Eminem’s 11th album. This album features different artists like Ed Sheeran, Skylar Grey, Anderson. Paak, Don Toliver, KXNG Crooked, White Gold, Royce Da 5’9’ and Juice WRLD, who died earlier in December after he had a medical emergency.

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