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Netflix has a detailed chronicle of NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez. What did push him to trigger the murder? Netflix will tell its viewers all about it in its latest docuseries “Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez”.

This show will also go through his sexuality and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

This series is a 3-episode series premiered on Wednesday and shows the details of the case which viewers are familiar with.

It was on June 17, 2013, when Hernandez and two others, namely Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, went to an industrial park near his house. Together with them is his fiancée’s sister, Odin Lloyd, who was shot. Hernandez was convicted of first-degree murder, and he received life imprisonment, parole is not possible for him.

According to a police report, Hernandez made the plan because he was upset at Lloyd. He talked to several people at the Boston bar, which Hernandez didn’t like. The deceased body was found at the industrial park, about a kilometer from the home of Hernandez in North Attleborough, Massachusetts.

Fans of Hernandez from all over the world were shocked about what happened. Hernandez had everything in his hands. He started to be in the New England Patriots when he was 20 years old and was about to sign a $40 million contract with the team for the Super Bowl.

It had been long speculation that Hernandez was gay, and he was struggling with his sexuality for his life. A long friend of him, Dennis Sansouci, revealed that he and the athlete had been on a sexual relationship since they were in seventh grade until their junior years in high school. He described that Hernandez’ s father was an abusive man and that he was scared of what his father would do if he found out that he was gay. Both of them were worried if someone would catch them because they were both athletes.

Hernandez’s CTE was also explained in the series, and it is a degenerative brain disease that could lead to depression, dementia, and memory loss. Rage, paranoia, and emotional volatility may have also resulted in Hernandez’s orchestrating the shooting.

This athlete star also dealt with drug use, which is why NFL teams were doubting of recruiting him. When he joined the NFL draft in 2010, he made letters and stating that he would submit himself to a regular drug test. According to Dan Wetzel, of Yahoo Sports, he failed a lot of these drug tests.

According to Frankie Bailey, a professor of pop culture and criminal justice at the State University of New York Albany, “As a professional football player with the Patriots, Hernandez was a celebrity. What was later revealed about Hernandez, the abuse in his childhood, his growing paranoia, the bodyguards, his drug use, and the brain damage all became clues to what led him to kill. Now, audiences may be tuning in to learn not only ‘the how,’ but ‘the why’ of his story.”

Watch this docuseries starting January 15 on Netflix.

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