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Super Bowl is getting nearer, and everyone is kicking in for those wings. Old Bay hot sauce launched its latest seasoning for wings, and this time, they announced it earlier.

The big company, McCormick, announced their version of hot sauce with some of their spices. 

On Wednesday, they described it as a traditional flavor of Old Bay, but with that kick, that would surely spice up the wings. This liquid version is said to “warm-up comfort foods, like chilis, soups, and stews.” 

It also boasts that it’s perfect for chicken wings, nachos, and dips. This will be the ideal time for the Super Bowl that will be held on Sunday, where San Francisco 49ers will take on Kansas City Chiefs. 

According to its website, this version also helps with “A dash also adds just the right spice to Bloody Mary’s and other cocktails.” This hot sauce is on retail for $3.49

From the company’s representative, Jill Pratt, she said: “Old Bay Seasoning and hot sauce go together like… well, Old Bay and everything.” 

For fans out there, you may have remembered that this seasoning was trending on Twitter in 2019 after it was shown that some of the people sprinkle it on grits as well. 

She added, “Our fans are always super excited to share with us all the ways they’re using the seasoning and celebrating their love of OLD BAY — from costumes and themed weddings to home décor and even tattoos. We can’t wait to hear what they think of our new hot sauce.”

After hours from its announcement on Twitter, “#OLDBAYHOTSAUCE IS COMING Less than one day until you can get your hands on a bottle (or 10) of this LIMITED EDITION product, available on their website. Tag someone who NEEDS this” the spicy seasoning of Old Bay was sold out. 

Kevin Fredericks, the comedian, retweeted Old Bay’s post and shared it “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

The company announced tweeting, “Your love for all things Old Bay may have broken the internet. Thanks for always being ready to try something new. Sold out, but restocking.”

eBay sellers took advantage of this and sold Old Bay Hot Sauce in 10 ounces at $49.99 each.

This could also trigger some hot sauce rush to chicken sandwiches rivals, Chic-fil-A and Popeyes. Maryland people are now planning trips to the Chesapeake Bay to pick their bottle or two.

This Maryland based company is selling this limited-edition hot sauce, which comes in two flavors. There is also Old Bay scented candle if you are a fan of them.

Starting next month, this will be available in different supermarkets like Giant, Food Lion, Martin’s, Safeway, Wegmans, and a lot more so you may want to plan a trip to the grocery soon. It’s never too late to get into the rush of spicy kicks, whether it be Super Bowl season or not.

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