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Finally, the world got a glimpse of the last full moon of the year or the decade.

The full moon on the rise just shortly after midnight, in Gemini. This moon has been known as the Cold Moon, the Moon Before Yule, Long Nights Moon, and so on.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, “During this month, the winter cold fastens its grip, and nights are at their longest and darkest. It is also sometimes called the Moon before Yule.

The term Long Night’s Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long and because the moon is above the horizon for a long time.

The full midwinter moon has a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite a low Sun. The Cold Moon gets its name because December is the month when it starts to get cold, although our coldest average temperatures are in January. The Long Night Moon gets its name because the full moon in December occurs near the solstice, which has the longest night of the year.”

Whereas NASA said that “Europeans call the December full moon the Moon before Yule. Yule is an old northern European winter festival that is now associated with Christmas.

This is the time when it is on the high trajectory up in the sky.

According to Diane Ahlquist, author of The Moon + You, The full moon is the culmination of a cycle. It’s all about peak intensity: concentrated energy from the preceding phase overflowing, spilling out into emotion, action, and matter, Factor in the influence of Gemini, a highly cerebral sign that pivots on a dime, and we may find ourselves with an overwhelming desire to unburden ourselves of our thoughts, opinions, and truths on multiple topics.

“It’s important to be mindful and kind in how we go about sharing, confessing, preaching, and otherwise doing whatever it takes to clear our minds,.”

For many, there are many reasons why there is a lot of superstitions and lore surrounds the moon. Astrology uncovers that the moon rules a lot about emotions and instincts. When the moon is its fullest, your subconscious self sparks up and goes into reality, revealing thoughts, making drama.

Why then is the full moon powerful? It has been said that two exact forms are opposite the sky. The sun shines a light and on the other hand, the moon in darkness, where different lore goes about. That being said, too, people can’t lie to the full moon.

It engages you to put everything out in the open.

This full moon is particular because it is on 12/12 at exactly 12:12 A.M. it could be a sign of cosmos or synchronicity, but either way, it is intriguing.

This moon specifically impacts on the relationships. Venus, the planet of love and beauty, making a conjunction with Saturn and Pluto, there is something that will make you feel different. This moon will remind you that whether you are coming together or breaking apart, it will all be for the best.

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