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TOO released some new dance practice videos to show off their charms

(PRESSREELS) TOO released some new dance practice videos on its official YouTube account on November 16.

These are a compilation of dance practice videos of the stage shown at the “K-CONTACT Season 2” on Oct. 25 and an eye-contact version of the cover song “Jopping” SuperM.

“Jopping” by TOO has a different charm from the original because it is arranged with traditional Korean musical instrument sauce. The dance practice video is divided into two versions: Fix cam and eye-contact versions, showing TOO’s charm in various ways.

In the eye-contact version, the TOO members’ focus on the camera is enough to make all the TOGETHER(the fandom of TOO)’s hearts flutter.

Meanwhile, the compilations are a total of three songs, including the fix-cam version of “Jopping” which was commented earlier,  and the tracks “Step By Step” and “Dancing In The Moonlight” from their second mini-album “Running TOOgether.”

In the three fixed cam compilations video, you can see TOO’s synchronized choreography, and different styling stands out for each song. “Step by Step” gives a chic image with an all-black look, and a sporty feel in “Jopping,” which offers black and white a red point. The most special costume is in the last video, “Dancing In The Moonlight.” The outfits that fit the Halloween concept, such as The Little Prince, Thor, and Spider-Man, are impressive.

If you’re curious about the videos, check out the links! It’s not too late to be a TOOgether.

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