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In the video, it contains a UFO estimation object that moves at a fast pace .. Public image of private company The US Defense Ministry recognized it

The U.S. Department of Defense officially distributed three short videos showing “Unidentified Aircraft” (UFO).

The video is the same one released by a private company called “To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences” between December 2017 and March 2018, according to CNN on Wednesday.

The video contains UFO-estimated objects moving at high speeds; one video also features a voice admiring the speed of the UFO by a U.S. Navy crew member.,The U.S. Navy has previously admitted that the video was real in September last year, and one video is only video without voice.

One of the images was shot in November 2004 and two were shot in January 2015 during the training of US Navy fighter pilots.

“It moved in an unexplainable way,” one of the pilots who witnessed the UFO in 2004 told CNN in 2017.,David Fraver, a US Navy reserve pilot, also said, “As we approached the object, we suddenly speeded south and disappeared in less than two seconds.” “It disappeared very suddenly like a ping-pong ball hit the wall.”

“We have released videos to solve public misunderstandings about whether the videos that have been circulated are real or not, whether there are other contents,” said Susan Gogh, a spokesman for the Pentagon.,”After a thorough review, we decided that the video disclosure did not reveal sensitive functions or systems, and that it did not affect the follow-up investigation into the invasion of military airspace by unidentified aviation.”

Former US Senator Harry Reid, who has studied the Pentagon and UFO sightings from 2007 to 2012, said on Twitter that “the US Department of Defense is delighted to officially release the video,” but “only revealed a portion of available research and data.,The United States should seriously and scientifically review the potential impact on UFOs and national security. “



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