Who is the only Chinese woman that G-DRAGON followed on Instagram?

Who is the only Chinese woman that G-DRAGON followed on Instagram?

There is a woman who has extraordinary wealth, splendid family background, and looks like a doll. This is Rigel Davis, the second generation of Chinese conglomerate. G-Dragon, who enjoys popularity both at home and abroad, is known to be the only Chinese to follow. Rigel Davis looked into what kind of person he might be in China.

Her family is gorgeous. My maternal grandfather was China’s prime minister, and my mother is the chairman of Shanghai’s Tianjin Business Consulting Company. The second generation of chaebol, Cheng Yingji, not only ran a fashion boutique called Vanitas, but also issued its own fashion brand Mayhem. Thanks to her natural fashion sense, she is receiving a lot of attention in the local area.

Who is the only Chinese woman that G-DRAGON followed on Instagram?

Rigel Davis is a famous fashion influencer in China. Thanks to that, we are working on various fashion magazines and photo shoots such as Vogue, Elle, and Dazed. Not only that, but you can also see them attending all the events of famous luxury brands as well as fashion week. I can tell by just looking at his Instagram.

Especially, Chanel is her favorite brand. It is easy to see that most of the fashion items from clothes to bags to cosmetics are Chanel. He currently runs his personal channel ‘Rigel TV’ on YouTube. It is receiving a lot of attention because it is publishing videos related to fashion, beauty, and so on various fields.

Also, extraordinary personal connections are a hot topic. As well as the aforementioned G-Dragon, I am close to famous pop singer Rihanna, Miss A’s Jia, and model Ash Stimist. In particular, G-Dragon is continuing his relationship by attending a party hosted by Rigel Davis.

Her love life is always noisy. I often decorate the entertainment section of China. If you search her name, you’ll start with rumors of a romantic relationship. In January 2019, Rigel Davis’ new love story came. She was seen holding hands in Pucheng and Taiwan when she was a model. They showed off their affection by holding hands and hugging each other, not being aware of the surroundings.

In addition, rumors of a romantic relationship with G-Dragon, who showed off his friendship earlier.

She is considered one of the most influential figures in China, with her gorgeous appearance and extraordinary personal connections. She grew up in a prestigious family, but it’s also impressive to see her own brand launch and lead. Attention is drawn to what new aspects we will show in the future.

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