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James McAvoy, best recognized for his role in the “X-Men” movie series, is one of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

However, there has been one cause of why he kept losing excellent movie opportunities.

James McAvoy has a “limitation”, and that’s his height.

Although he has not really been a household name linked to his equals, there is an excellent chance that people spot him in one of his films.

His most noteworthy break in Hollywood was when he performed the role of Mr Tumnus in the movie story of The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.”

Since then, he has played top roles in “Atonement,” “Split” and “IT Chapter 2.”

However, height has always been a subject for moviemakers who want to take in James McAvoy.

He stands 5 feet 7 inches, which puts him in the middle. He is not tall, but he is not short either.

‘X-men’ star McAvoy’s height has caught in the way of him working with different actresses. Once, a performer told him that she thought he was not tall enough to act opposite her. He did not mention any names, but he was open to talking about his stature issue.

Some filmmakers have also felt that he was too short of taking on a role.

“As a shorter man, I sometimes get told that I’m too short for a role,” McAvoy revealed. He added that sometimes if he got a role, the director and the rest of the team make him feel like they had to go out of their way to make his height work.

James McAvoy is not the only male actor that has lost roles because of his height. In fact, Tom Cruise has had to deal with the same criticism.

When he played the role of Jack Reacher – a well-known character by Lee Child – some of the fans could not help but state their disappointment. They said frankly that Cruise was incorrect for the part and his representation of the character in the original was “not right.”

Although it was sincerely discouraging for both McAvoy and Cruise to discover that they had to miss out on a lot of prospects simply because they were littler than the others, they can both be pleased to be two of the most wealthy actors in Hollywood.

Their achievement was brought about by the uphill struggle they have put into the roles given to them. The “X-Men” series and “Mission Impossible” have positively given masses of fans an inspiration to do good.

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