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In an article published in Express, a new leak was found about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

While it is true that has been the attraction of debates in the high-tech world because of its supposed high quality of camera and recording, it is said that it could be the best phone in 2020, but might be the ugliest if the leaks are confirmed to be true.

OnLeaks, a well-known leaker, who has been exposing leaks about Samsung Galaxy S11 since last week, is now cooperating with Pricebaba and 91 mobiles to bring more leaks on Samsung Galaxy S11e and regular Samsung Galaxy S11. 

They are now not only giving leaks about the new Samsung Galaxy S11+ by defining it by providing pictures as to what Samsung Galaxy S11+ looks like. 

According to the fans who tweeted as a response to the supposed leak that Samsung Galaxy S11+ is the ugliest phone ever created by Samsung company. 

Another person also said that it is “revolting”, while a third person said, “I thought the iPhone 11 Pro Max was gonna be the ugliest phone for a while, but this takes that medal by a mile.”

Here are some of the reasons why the new Samsung Galaxy S11 is going to be the ugliest phone of the year. 

The phone will have five cameras that are situated in a rectangular position, but the main worry of the Android fans is the size of its covering and the spot of the lens.

Its cameras are placed at random with no signs of symmetry at all.

These are only a few of the leaks that OnLeaks and CashKaro divulged before the announcement of Samsung Galaxy S11+. The probable month of release will in February next year but no definite date was given. 

Please keep in mind that these are just alleged leaks. It is also likely that the leaks given by OnLeaks are false and fake.

A tipster from Ice Universe said “I can say that this Galaxy S11+ rendering is wrong, or that the key parts are wrong, the original design is more beautiful than this and I don’t blame Onleaks, maybe the CAD drawing he got is wrong, thank him for his efforts and efforts. Let’s keep waiting.”

Furthermore, the Ice Universe did not give any word about the impreciseness of the renders of OnLeaks. The only thing that could respond to all these is if the device is released in February. 

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