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Brazilian President Jair Bossonaro is reportedly expected to appoint people close to his family to the Minister of Justice and the head of the Federal Police Agency.

According to Brazilian media on the 27th (local time), President Bousonaru is expected to appoint a new Justice Minister, a presidential aide, George Oliveira, and an Anreshandri Hama, the chief of police.

Olivera, a reserve military officer and lawyer, is close to MP Eduardo Bowsonaru, the third son of Bowsonaru.

In the past, Eduardo has been in close contact with Rio since his political activities in Rio.

Deformed “supremacy” accusations will also be raised

Hama is a friend of his second son, the city councilor of Rio de Janeiro, who also served as the guard of President Bowsonaro during the 2018 presidential election.

President Bowsonaro responded that he did not care about the possibility of criticism of using people close to his family, saying, “People I knew before I became friends with my son.”

But the legal community noted that appointing people in special relationships with their families is sufficiently unconstitutional: there is a possibility that the Supreme Court will oppose it.

In political circles, it is pointed out that it is a modified form of “nepotism.” Nepotism means kinship neutralism that gives relatives office, status, and honor, and often expresses nepotism.

Brazilian president, attorney general and police chief, son friends?...controversy over unconstitutionality

Brazilian media reported earlier that federal police have been investigating Carlus city councilor and Eduardo for allegedly participating in the dissemination of fake news.

The federal police investigation was reported to have been conducted secretly since March last year under the approval of the Supreme Court.

Federal police believe they have spread fake news through the Internet, attacking, threatening and threatening senior members of the legislative and judicial departments, including Supreme Court justices.

President Bowsonaro knew this months ago and asked the Federal Police Commissioner Mauricio Valleisu to inform him of the investigation, but he continued to refuse, and this seems to be the reason for the replacement of the Valleisch chief.

Former Justice Minister Sergio Moru resigned on the 24th, protesting that President Bossonaru was abusing his authority when he forced the replacement of the head of the ballet issue.

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