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BTS Jimin

“It’s not easy to cheer for seven years by your side.”

(PRESSREELS) Jimin of BTS thanked ARMY through “BTS Birthday Party.”

On June 13, BTS posted a video of “BTS Birthday Party” on its official SNS.

Jimin said, “I’m going to have a special birthday party with special costumes. Do you remember our one-year birthday party?” reminded us of the one-year birthday party that everyone had prepared together, and the members recalled the time of our one-year birthday party.

Celebrating the seventh anniversary of BTS‘ debut, the members reenacted their first-anniversary birthday party in costumes that reenacted the concept at the beginning of their debut. The members, divided into the same units as the first anniversary, prepared for their seventh birthday party and overlapped seven years ago, seemed to pass through seven years.

Sugar and Jimin made a cake. When Sugar started decorating with whipped cream, Jimin said, “We’re actually in high class. I’ll try decorating it,” said Jimin, who finished decorating the sides with a chocolate pen, “Our class has gone up a lot, but the cake class has gone up a lot. It’s different from the old days,” he said, completing a cake to celebrate his seventh birthday.

After enjoying the birthday food prepared by members RM and Jin, it led to a full-fledged talk.

Jimin said, “It seems like yesterday that we celebrated our first anniversary, but we’re already celebrating our seventh anniversary. Let’s clap,” signaling the start of the talk.

BTS JIMIN, "It's not easy to cheer for 7 years" - Expressing affection for ARMY

“It’s not easy to be by your side for seven years. Thanks to you, we were able to come all the way here. Thank you,” he said.

Jimin said, “I also felt that ARMY’s absence was huge during the promotion of this album. Because we couldn’t be together, I felt very empty. I’m definitely thankful to ARMY for winning first place and cheering for us from afar, but there are no people who have always been with us.” We’ll quickly overcome this situation and wait for everyone to smile at each other in a better situation.”

Meanwhile, BTS successfully held its online real-time performance “BANG BANG CON The Live” of “BTS 2020 FESTA”

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