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(PRESSREELS) The group BTS V was asked as a participant in the social contribution program “Lightmakers” under way by the Cultural Heritage Administration.

On the 11th, the Cultural Heritage Administration sent a love call to V on its official SNS account, saying, “It would be great if I could be with you, Taehyung.”

Earlier, the Cultural Heritage Administration announced the recruitment of “People’s Participation in Animal Storytelling for Natural Monuments in 2020” and sought out voice donors.

BTS V was offered 'Voice Donation' by the Cultural Heritage Administration

The Cultural Heritage Administration said, “We are making a natural monument animal braille for the blind. “I’m looking for the storytelling narration’s #Voice Reporter’s Person to donate my talent.”

Currently, the National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage at the Cultural Heritage Administration is recruiting 50 voice donors to participate in the narration project “People Who Make Light,” which goes into the book, to produce Braille Senses for introducing natural monuments (animal) for the blind.

The “Lightmakers” project is a social contribution enlightenment program that explains the stories of various animals designated as “natural monuments” with children’s songs and folk songs as part of the “Publishment of Multimedia Braille Sense for Natural Monuments” that is being promoted as a government innovation project by the Cultural Heritage Administration.

A panel of judges will be composed of visually impaired people, and the selected 50 voices will be inserted into the three-dimensional multimedia Braille Sensebook and the mobile sound book, which will be completed in October, to expand opportunities for the vulnerable to enjoy culture.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold its online live performance “Bang Bang Con The Live” at 6 p.m. on the 14th.

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