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The long wait is over for fans of Camila Cabello. This dotting pop singer certainly knows the right timing for her fans.

Her highly anticipated album “Romance” is out now. It seems that there is a new kind of writer who knows how to tickle the fancy of the music industry.

Romance is that song that Cabello can’t stop singing now.

It is the second LP of this ex- Fifth Harmony member and guesses to whom she dedicated this album?

To Shawn Mendes, her fellow former teenage pop star.

camilla cabello shawn mendez

This couple came out in the open just this summer in time for their release of a single. It sings about bilingual flirting and fucking.

Many of the observers noticed that Senorita was released during their announcement. Some said there is no chemistry between the two knowing that Camila Cabello recorded the whole album for the said love of her life. Although for her, the attraction is genuine. People may talk about it, but she sings, “Write it on my neck, why don’t ya?”

Talking about her album, there were many mixed reviews about it. One review said that her latest album is good but not as better than it intends to be. Camila, her first-ever solo was much better and more creative. Romance has some flaws that you might notice.

The music of Cabello is brought about by her upbringing and roots. Her Fifth Harmony and Cuban-Mexican plus some generations of Christina Aguilera, Ariana Grande, and the likes paved her way to this kind of music. Her signature “Havana” did more than great, and it showed that she could work well with hip-hop.

Cabello, like some singers, could be a weirdo and humorous at times. The “Liar” song was flamenco, ska, and Latin, all blended. Cabello, like the world-class pop star Taylor Swift, makes sure that graceful vocals would not be so much emphasized. Likewise, they both made their own love stories a factor in making their music more or less, making her album into a diary of her love life. Camilizers try to decipher what their idol is trying to tell them.

Overall, the Romance album is solid but not as high as Camilia. The pretty good singles were Shameless, Liar, and Living Proof, and there are here stories that are based on her feelings “Easy” and “Cry For Me.”

This album is full of love songs, but they are catchy and quirky. The closing track “First Man” is something for Hallmark lovers out there.

This song is about Cabello’s father, about the “first man that really loved me” and how she is so much into the new love now. “You’ll like him, he’s kind, and he’s funny sometimes.” The song goes on, but the pop singer ideally envisions her dad walking her down the aisle through this song.

Probably, many would feel the same as this review, but others may find this better than the previous one. Cabello’s Romance is excellent, especially for those who feel the love and fun.

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