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Some wanted to start the year with a bang; others wanted to be engaged and that’s what actor Wilmer Valderrama from “That 70’s Show” did.

He proposed to his girlfriend, Amanda Pacheco, right on the very first day of the year, or the decade.

He shared a post on his Instagram with him on one knee while asking that big question. Its caption was “It’s just us now, 01-01-2020,” signifying the engagement date.

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“It’s just us now” 01-01-2020

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On the other side, girlfriend Pacheco, who is 28 years old, also shared on her Instagram, showing a teardrop cut diamond, she and Valderrama facing the coast of San Diego.

Her sparkler featured to be an estimated 2.5-3 carat diamond on a stone-studded band according to the VP of Strategy and Merchandising for Brilliant Earth Kathryn Money. It was said to be worth $40,000 to $80,000.

Teardrop cuts like the one of Pacheco’s have become popular engagement rings for the past several years like Cardi B, Kaley Cuoco, Victoria Beckham, and the likes.

Ariana Grande received one from Pete Davidson, whereas Paris Hilton also got one from ex Chris Zylka in 2017.

Valderrama was known for dating Demi Lovato for almost six years and have remained to be in good terms. He was supporting her when she goes into a drug overdose. After her 2018 overdose, Valderrama even visited Lovato.

According to a source “Wilmer has been there for Demi every second since the overdose, and he is planning to fly to visit her in rehab, possibly as soon as this weekend, all he has ever wanted was for Demi to stay sober, and this whole situation just breaks his heart.”

Pacheco and Valderrama have been together since April 2019 and even attended a wedding of Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in summer. Friends of the couples seemed to be very happy for this pair.

Many of them congratulated them. Dave Grutman said, “This makes me so so happy,” whereas Kevin Jonas left raised hands icons. Eva Longoria posted a couple of clapping icons and the word “ahhhhh.”

Some fans were happy for the engagement while others were not so happy about it, saying that proposal was too quick after ending with Lovato.

A Twitter user said, “I know Demi wanted that proposal from Wilmer after six years, and now he proposed to his girlfriend after a year. That man ain’t right for doing my girl like that”.

“Wilmer’s ass was with Demi when she barely turned 18 yet never gave her an engagement ring when he was with her for over six years, but he decides to pop the question to this other girlie knowing Demi still cared about him? This is what I’m talking about: Demi deserves better,” another commenter from Twitter.

“I’m [sic] not mad….. just that demi was for so long with him, and when she said several times that she wants to marry Wilmer, he ignored her and now with his new GF that aren’t [sic] even together for a year.”

Glad to see Wilmer Valderrama engaged and have moved on from his ex.

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