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Consider banning aircraft from Brazil. Bou Sonaru is rumored to have made a series of irresponsible remarks.

Even the Trump, Criticism of the Brazilian government's COVID 19 approach

U.S. President Donald Trump is criticizing the Brazilian government’s response to the new Corona Virus (COVID 19) and is considering banning flights to Brazil.

According to Brazilian media on Sunday (local time), President Trump told Florida Governor Ron Disantis at the White House that the spread of COVID 19 in Brazil was serious.

Trump pointed out that COVID 19 could spread tremendously in Brazil, saying that the Brazilian government is taking a different path in its response to COVID 19. In other words, they are responding to COVID 19 in the wrong way compared to their Latin American neighbors.

Brazilian media interpreted this as an indirect criticism of the Brazilian government’s COVID 19 approach.

President Trump also said, ” We should consider measures to restrict flights from Brazil to the United States. “

Brazilian President Zaire Bou Sonaru, who claims to be ” Brazil’s Trump, ” did not respond to the remarks except that he would do so.

” I’m sorry, but what do you want me to do? I’m the Messiah, but I can’t do miracles, ” Bou Sonaru told supporters at the presidential palace in Brasilia the previous day.

The remark, which quoted his middle name, ” Messiah, ” was criticized as ” very irresponsible as president. “

NewsontaI’s comment that the situation is happening in certain regions even though he acknowledged the seriousness of the COVID 19 incident was also under fire.

The Thai minister replaces former minister Louis Enhiki Mandeta, who was fired for a conflict with President Bou Sonaru over the COVID 19 method.

President Bou Sonaru and Thai minister said Brazil’s COVID 19 deaths were 5,017, higher than China’s (4,643), which is expected to cause a worsening public opinion.

Brazil’s death toll is the ninth highest in the world, while the number of confirmed people (71,886) is 11th.

According to a telephone survey conducted by Datapolya, a polling company, on Friday, 27 percent of the respondents replied that the Bou Sonaru government’s response to COVID 19 was positive, 45 percent negative, and 25 percent in general.

This is worse than the 33 % positive, 39 % negative, and 25 % positive in the survey from the 1st to 3rd of last month.




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