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Fantasy Island, the horror version, sounds so intriguing.

This film is a remake of the television series running from 1977 to 1984 on ABC channel.

The teaser starts with some familiar images of contest winners who landed on an island. They are then brought to their host, Mr. Roarke, the mysterious man who gave them the rules and explained to them.

He exclaimed that their fantasy would be “as real as you make it” which meant that everything is possible.

They must, however, have their adventure, thus setting them apart. This sounded great and fantastic and, unfortunately, deadly.

For some viewers, it might be hard to expect what is coming. The morale would be to make sure that all wishes should be taken in great consideration.

According to Lucy Hale, during an interview with Fox News, “It’s still about the bones of what made the TV show so, so fun to watch,” she told us.

“We just have given it a slightly scarier, edgier feel. You know, it’s a 2020 modern twist on it.”

She added that the original star is back “[He’s] is in the original series and is also like the leader of this island. He’s sort of like the headmaster, and he’s in charge of everything. And upon meeting him in the movies by. “Upon meeting him, you don’t quite know if he’s a good guy or a bad guy,” Hale added. “He’s just got this underlying mysterious feel to him.”

As for the character she played, “She’s got an exciting arc in the movie and [it] seemed like a good challenge to make. It’s a very witty” script, and it was the movie’s comedic undertones that caught her attention.”
The reviews for Fantasy Island are not going well for some critics. Here are some of what they have to tell about it.

If this new movie were a pilot for a TV reboot, it would come off as overwrought and underwritten but still possible on the right track for a revived anthology series. As a movie, those flaws are magnified to the size of the silver screen.

The Fantasy Island movie focuses on a collection of characters who have all come to the island for their variety of reasons, wanting to live out a fantasy with a variety of motives. However, each fantasy turns into a nightmare.

If that feels obvious and predictable, then it’s no surprise that this movie is being reviewed as being evident and anticipated.

Thriller framework aside, Fantasy Island probably works best as a comedy. At least when it’s not trying to be one.

Still, is there anything wrong with hanging semi-competent entertainment on a great hook, then selling it to bored teenagers?

There is no challenge or creativity in the storytelling, just a series of shortcuts that are needed to get to a telegraphed twist (which still manages to be unearned when reflecting on the details).

Significant screen adaptations of small screen concepts are nothing new. We’ve seen dozens of them. Of course, they frequently have trouble capturing whatever it was that made the series famous.

The Wrap thinks that Fantasy Island probably should have stayed on the small screen, as this idea might have been salvageable as an ongoing series…

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