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Galentine’s Day is here once more! Many of you may have wondered what this is.

Yes, this isn’t a typo error. It’s a party for “ladies celebrating ladies.”

This Day is done one February 13, and there is just one rule to it. “No boys allowed.” If you have seen girls dressed in pink tops, pink nail polish, pink eyeshadow, or even pink hair, then they could be on their way to the Galentine’s day celebration.

On top of a hotel roof in Manhattan, sangria and mimosas are flowing unlimitedly. Heart streamers are also present. This trend is making its way now. This Day is all about sisterhood and ladies and everything about women’s love.

If you are wondering where Galentine’s have originated, well, it came from the Parks and Recreation, a sitcom of NBC for seven seasons wherein the relationship between a woman and her colleagues were emphasized.

On its second, which was aired a decade ago, Leslie went out with her female friends for brunch and was generous enough to give them each gift made from crushed bottles of their favorite drinking soda with 5,000 words saying why they are fantastic.

If valentine’s Day focuses on the mutual feelings of two people, this Galentine’s is the opposite. It is more about feasting and welcoming others without the feeling of being alienated.

Fans of the show started making then their kind of Galentine’s celebration and putting more of their creativity in it.

On the rooftop of the hotel, tickets cost $40, which includes brunch menu such as frittata and waffles and the favorite of the lead star, avo-cuddle toasted and bae-gels and fries B4 guys.

Others who attend exchange gifts and even imitate the sparkly heart rings and clips of Leslie. Although alcohols weren’t originally part of it, the prosecco pong is an excellent way to make things more relaxed.

One who attended such even said, “I just like to be around girls and have no guys here, I feel like you can take pictures and drink and eat and dance, and they’re not going to judge you.”

She went with two of her friends from school.

Because of its increasing popularity, many businesses have hitched to their fame. Hallmark, for example, now has greeting cards that sell the same idea as “Hey lady, how are you so awesome.”

Party City also has no banners, balloons, paper cups, etc. whereas Etsy’s have more craft-related products you can even imagine.

A lot of establishments – bars, coffees, shops, etc. now start to host their own Galentine’s events and offers.

According to the executive producer of Parks and Recreation, “It’s sort of impossible in America for anything to enter the culture and then not be commodified, you know?”

He added, “I wish it wasn’t being used the way it’s used sometimes, but I’m happy that it’s being used at all because that means that it struck a chord with people.”

So, people who are by themselves, you might be alone, take note that you don’t have to be lonely too. Go out and have a Galentine’s Day.

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