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72 years of marriage is entirely something for a couple, especially if it is a celebration between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip. Many of the royals have their own way of celebrating it with them. Most of them shared it through their social media.

The closest couples of the Queen, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, and Late Middleton and William send they’re well wishes for this momentous occasion of their grandmother.

Royal Members who Greeted Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip

For Meghan and Harry, they chose an old photo, black and white of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip riding in in an open carriage with their beautiful smiles. It was shared in their official SussexRoyal Instagram account.

On the other hand, Kate and William decided on two photos. Also, a black and white photo from the royal couple’s first post-wedding appearance that was during the honeymoon. The smile on their faces showed just happy there were.

The second photo is a more recent one, the couple laughing as they’ve always done before. “Wishing Her Majesty, The Queen and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh a very happy 72nd Wedding Anniversary,” they added as a note.

The official Royal Family Instagram also shared their own photo of the royal couple. It was, again, a black and white image. The couple was still wearing their wedding attire.

They are standing on a balcony from the Buckingham Palace and waving to the crowd in front of them.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip – Life

For people who just might have missed some of the information regarding the royal couple’s life, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philipp married in 1947.

They have four children together. The firstborn son was Princes Charles, who unfortunately died very early. He was married to Princess Diana, whose sons were Prince Harry and Prince William.

However, being the first child doesn’t necessarily mean having all the attention, Queen Elizabeth was always absent in his life because she was still traveling with Prince Philip in Malta. For 2 years, the Queen barely knows this price.

Prince Charles was 4 years old already when Queen Elizabeth had been crowned.

Many of the biographers wrote their stories as being sad. Still, despite that one, the princesses became successful on their own.

The Royal Couple may have spent 72 years of marriage together. Still, this time around, they will be spending this achievement separately. Her Royal Highness has too much to think about, especially about Prince Charles and the crisis that he is currently facing right now regarding Epstein’s case.

Furthermore, Prince Philip is at their five-bedroom cottage at Wood Farm for several weeks now. He had been not feeling well, and as the Royal News said that Prince Philip “had a bit of wobble and hasn’t felt so energetic.”

He added, “He has been living quietly at Sandringham, where he spends most of his time reading and pottering. This isolation did him really good. “His mind is as sharp as ever.

However, the sad reality is that the Queen is more isolated.” According to one of the Buckingham Palace spokeswomen.

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