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Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, seemed to be having her own spotlight not only as a royal status.

Many people started recognizing her once she became a royal.

She has been an actress and has starred in different shows and movies. Now, she has emerged herself as the most influential dresser around the world according to the Lyst’s Year in Fashion.

Lyst, a global fashion search engine, did its work by doing extensive research and analyzed fashion-related searches in terms of social media, sales, etc. in 2019.

It came not as a surprise when they reported that “Meghan Markle was the most potent dress of 2019 and her outfits sparked, on average, a 216% increase in searches for similar pieces.

Lyst’s report had listed down different instances when she struck a very high influence ranging from chic dresses to accessories.

The fact sheet evidently said, “After she wore five different shirt dresses on the Royal Tour of South Africa, searches for the category grew 45% over a month. Her Club Monaco dress sold out in less than 24 hours, following a 570% spike in searches and wearing a J Crew skirt saw a 102% increase in searches for the brand.”

She seemed to have her own kind of style, which sometimes surprises many, starting with those coats, accessories to a simple shirt.

It seemed to have quite an impact. Lyst has predicted that this 37-year old lady will be the talk of the town always when she shows herself to the public.

This also shows that Meghan has taken over the Duchess of Cambridge as Windsor’s most influential style icon. Meghan has always been compared to Kate.

These two always provide fashion inspiration to the industry. Lyst made analysis from the 20 million search queries for 2018 and 2019.

Meghan Markle Wins – What About Kate?

For this year, Kate had her most influential fashion spot in March during the Commonwealth Day at Westminster Abbey. She was sporting a Catherine Walker coat; online searches went as high as 225% for a similar outfit.

Surprisingly, Meghan’s limelight was also in March when she wore the silver and gold brocade dress in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Prince Charles Investiture at the Buckingham Palace. In a day, the online search for such brocade dress rose to 500%.

Lyst’s analysis tells that the Duchess of Sussex’s outfit is searched online by 216%. In contrast, the Duchess of Cambridge has only 119% influence.

Meghan’s sense of fashion has been distinguishable. She has different effects on the market. She demands colors, whereas Kate is into more for the brands.

Last year, Meghan got the 3rd spot, whereas Kate Middleton came in at number 11. This year, Meghan finally rose to the top, replacing Kylie Jenner as the most influential fashion icon. Her fashion style seemed to be what ladies are looking for now.

The Meghan Effect seemingly will stay for a long time, and many people will always seek after her taste in clothing.

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