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Despite the predicament Harvey Weinstein is facing right now, he was threatened by another judge to be locked up for using his phone in the court of New York City.

Judge James Burke asked him, “Is this the way you want to end up in jail for the rest of your life, by texting and violating a court order?” but despite that, he was instructed not to answer the question.

The Judge then again said, “What did I say would happen if he so much as a cellphone or electronic device since there have been repeated violations of this, including some on the record?”

The lawyer of Weinstein answered, “I believe you said remand.”
“I’m not looking for apologies, and I’m looking for compliance.” Judge Burke said.

“A bailiff saw him use it and asked me to tell him to put it away and I did, and I handed them both to Donna (Rotunno, lead defense lawyer) and then she reported to Burke in chambers that (Weinstein) was on his phone,” Engelmayer, Weinstein’s lawyer said, “And when Burke came out, he admonished Harvey and Aidala. He had previously warned Aidala and Harvey about cellphone use during an active hearing – not before it beginning while sitting in the gallery.”

If ever Weinstein will be convicted, he will be facing five charges and probably a life sentence.

There were allegations relating to rape and predatory sexual assault by two unnamed accusers, one was raping a lady in a hotel in Manhattan in 2013, and the other one has forced a sex act on the second lady in 2006.

Just this Monday, he was charged with two additional counts – rape and sexual assault. All these accusations were denied by this 67-year-old producer and said all the sexual encounters were consensual.

The lawyer of Weinstein, Adala, asked to delay jury selection and that the jury may have been tarnished already with the press coverage that was charged in Los Angeles.

“Everyone’s phones blew up yesterday … with incredibly prejudicial news alerts (about the L.A. charges). It is the talk of the town. For a prosecutor, this is Christmas morning,” Aidala mentioned while holding a lot of newspapers. “What better present than the morning of jury selection to have him smeared everywhere?”

The Judge denied the delay of the trial “Let’s not keep trying to unring a bell that has no resonance,” he said. Judge Burke added, “I don’t think it’s possible today or this week for there to a be a fair and impartial jury.”

On Tuesday morning, there was a 14-page juror questionnaire with more than seventy questions for the prospective jurors to answer. The potential jurors will be sworn and will be asked about topics as to some past jury experience, qualifications, and if they know, the accused personally.

All sides, including the judge, will have the right to challenge the impartial jury.

After the jury is selected, the trial in New York will begin in around two weeks.

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