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Russia’s COVID-19 additional confirmed cases increased 6,198 a day yesterday (Tuesday).

More than 6,000 new confirmed cases have been reported for the second day in a row, with the cumulative number of confirmed cases surpassing 87,000.

It ranks ninth in the world, beating over China’s cumulative 83,000.

Russian officials say the number of checkups has exceeded 100,000 a day, and the number of people affected by the disease is increasing significantly.

In addition, as the number of cases of mass infection has increased in hospitals and the military and the number of people who have come to Korea from overseas is increasing, there are likely to be a large additional confirmed cases.

Norway is speeding up its efforts to ease the blockade, with some elementary schools beginning today, in Europe, where the COVID-19 epidemic is slowing.

France has decided to resume the restoration of the suspended Notre Dame Cathedral from May 11, when the restriction on movement lifted.

The White House briefing has sparked controversy over President Trump’s comments on the injection of disinfectant.

Critics say the White House is adding to the turmoil as it suddenly announced it would cancel and reopen its originally scheduled COVID-19 briefing at 5 p.m. local time.

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