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Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump received a ton of backlash on Monday as she and her husband accompanied the President of the USA on his trip to India with American taxpayers paying for their bills.

The backlash started when the blonde heiress posted a photo of herself in front of Taj Mahal and responded to a tweet by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stirring a ton of Americans to question what she and her husband were doing there that would help Trump.

Ivanka Trump posted on her Twitter page to thank Modi for hosting her and Kushner on their entire two-day Indian trip.

“Thank you, PM Narendra Modi, for your warm hospitality as we visited your beautiful country and celebrated the strength, spirit, and unity of the U.S. & India!”

The tweet was quick to a ton of hate on social media, with social media warriors accusing the couple of spending precious government money to network their brand while jetting off across the world. 

One Twitter user said, “They weren’t elected, aren’t qualified and couldn’t get security clearances but for nepotism.”

Many remember that when Trump assumed office in 2016, he appointed his daughter and son-in-law as White House senior advisers despite the couple’s lack of political experience at all. 

Critics also pointed out how Ivanka Trump was extremely insensitive, saying she basked in the beautiful places in India while ignoring the people dying in New Delhi at the time of their visit. 

Her social media post came after violence broke out in different areas across India’s capital, just miles away from where Donald and Modi met for talks.

Last week the former head of the US Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub revealed in a statement that Ivanka’s taxpayer-funded corporate junket to Dubai, where Ivanka participated in picture takings and met with officials of Dubai.

On the same note, Ivanka and Kushner’s trip coincided with promotions for the anniversary of the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai. 

The Trump-branded golf property was developed by a significant Dubai real estate developer three years ago, and it’s because of them that Trump’s net worth increased. 

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