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January 9 is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Everywhere in the country, these blue-uniformed men are appreciated in some ways or another. People are sharing how they show their gratitude.

In Nebraska, community from preschool kids to courthouse staff to seniors expressed their gratitude to the law enforcers.

For them, it has been a challenging year in Nebraska. According to eh chairman of the Valley County Board of Supervisors, Bob Sevenker, “The year we went through with the flooding and blizzard, law enforcement was out 24/7, and we want to recognize them and show our appreciation for what they do.”

The patrol likewise said, “We rescued a lot of people in this last storm, at least 10 or 12 vehicles that had to be rescued. Another kudos to the Nebraska Department of Roads.”

Whereas in Alaska, Jack Gallisini of Kiwanis Club mentioned “In Montgomery, we do it more than just one day a year, “Every month we do Thumbs Up Thursdays to honour police officers, let them know they’re doing a great job.”

In Texas, the Plano Fire Department tweeted,” It’s #nationallawenforcementday! We want to thank @PlanoPoliceDept for keeping us #safe & watching our backs. When given the opportunity, we try and return the favour!”

A local car dealership sent some snacks to their county police and tweeted “It’s confirmed: milk and cookies are still amazing as an adult. Thanks to Grapevine Dodge Chrysler Jeep for delivering these goodies from Tiff’s Treats on #LawEnforcementAppreciationDay The BLUE Bell ice cream is a nice touch, too.”

The National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day started in 2015 as a way of thanking the officers all over the county for the sacrifices they do for the communities every day. They are there to serve and protect as well as encourage and respect these law enforcers.

The group Concerns of Police Survivors asked people to show their support thru these suggestions:

  • Coordinate or participate in a “Blue Blood Drive.”
  • Wear blue clothing in support of law enforcement.
  • Send a card of support to a local police department or state agency.
  • Share a story about a positive law enforcement experience on social media.
  • Ask children in the community to write letters in support of law enforcement.
  • Display a blue light in support of law enforcement.
  • Organize an event or a rally in support of law enforcement officers.
  • Advertise support through local media outlets/billboards.
  • Post the public service announcement supplied by C.O.P.S. to an organization’s website or social media pages.

There are many ways to show support. Sending a note of thanks to the local, county or state police officers or department could well be appreciated by these men in blue. Whatever it may be, remember, it is always the thought that counts. These men put their lives for others. It would be great once in a while that they should be reminded that they are much appreciated not only in the community but in the whole world.

Happy National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day!

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