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Sunday was a big day for the former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. He finally made it official, and this time a real one, he is running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

For this 2-week campaign, Bloomberg didn’t hesitate to spend at least $37 million from his personal funds. This wealthy man, with an estimated worth of $55 billion, is anxious to defeat the current US President, Donald Trump.

Bloomberg made the single largest political adverting in history, that being said, almost 50 times than another billionaire Tom Steyer from his 3 mayoral campaigns, Bloomberg spent $250 million and has donated several hundreds of millions to charity and political causes.

He spent and pledged $50 million to support Everytown. For Gun Safety. His Bloomberg Philanthropies committed almost a billion dollars in combatting tobacco usage all over the world. He also founded Beyond Carbon recently, which is worth $500 that advocates are reforming energy.

Many are speculating that Michael Bloomberg would spend a lot of money just to be able to make this presidential candidacy happen.

According to Bloomberg, “I know what it takes to beat Trump because I already have. And I will do it again.”. Democratic voters are happy that they have now some good options for candidates in 2020.

Mark Cuban, also a billionaire and owner of Dallas Mavericks, said, “He is now the only candidate that has actually done something to impact gun violence.

He is the only candidate that has done something to deal with reducing health care costs by helping to keep people healthy via sugar associated taxes. Adding the substance, he brings on these issues is a net positive, in my opinion.”

Steve Benjamin, the mayor of Columbia, also believes in Bloomberg “He’s got what it takes, and he’s got the resources to take it to Trump,” and he added I think firmly that Mike Bloomberg can win. I think resources are going to matter.”

Although not all like Bloomberg because they felt that he is “buying the elections” and one of them is Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont. Others mentioned that “this election should not be for sale”.

What seemed to be a failure in his component would be the support of the African American voters. Bloomberg’s announcement for the presidential candidacy didn’t give full details yet, but his 12-year mayoralty and his political causes give people a clue on how he should rule the country.

On November 24, he wrote on his Twitter “In NYC, we:

  • gave teachers the most significant raise in America
  • improved graduation rates by 42%
  • banned smoking in bars & restaurants
  • cut teen smoking by 50%
  • reduce our carbon footprint by 14%
  • cut murders in half
  • cut incarceration by 40%
  • created new programs to fight poverty

A more recent Twitter from him was announced that” Defeating Trump and rebuilding America is the most urgent and vital fight of our lives. And I’m going all in.”

Various reactions from citizens have been seen.

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