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Hannah Brown and Peter Weber were able to tell their feelings for each other on the premiere night of “The Bachelor” after their speedy romance on “ The Bachelorette.”

Brown was talking to a group of women and told them about the infamous hookup. She began to feel emotional and was seen that there still may have been some feelings between the two of them.

Brown said, “I know I care for him; I know that I loved him, but I know it doesn’t work.”.

For those who have missed the past season, Brown has chosen Jed Wyatt at the end, and they got engaged quickly, but then she learned that he had a girlfriend back home. 

She calls quits after. Then she asked the next one, Tyler Cameron, but it didn’t work out well too. Weber was the third one in line. When he went backstage and found her crying, they were able to have a conversation.

“[Tyler] was reaching out; you didn’t say anything. … I didn’t know if you wanted to get past it. I thought you wanted to be the Bachelor.” She said. Brown affirmatively answered that if she regretted choosing Jed and Tyler over Weber, and she replied, “Yeah, Peter, I question it all the time, [Picking Jed] was comfortable. It was falling back into the same thing, but, like, I broke everybody’s heart and my own through this experience.”

That conversation ended, and Weber found out that he had feelings for Brown, and he even asked if she would stay in the house for “The Bachelor” she said she would consider it “maybe.”

According to a source, “Hannah was in a good place truly focusing on DWTS, getting confident and happy again after the Jed drama, and she didn’t need this little interruption, seeing Peter brought back old feelings that she didn’t want to be dealing with.”

An insider also mentioned, “Hannah got emotional on the episode because she felt overwhelmed from her busy schedule. She felt pressured, and she was being pulled in a million different directions from ABC. Her main focus was winning DWTS, and she was exhausted, and seeing Peter heightened all the stress and anxiety she had been feeling at the time.”

After the emotional moment with Weber, she thanked her fans for their support and love. “So that was not a blast at all. It was truly the hardest day — a day I was not looking forward to reliving,” the DWTS champion tweeted. “Thank you to those of you who have been so sweet and supportive tonight.”

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