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Biden 44% in the USA Today poll.
Trump’s down 6 percentage points to 38%

A red light has been lit on the road of U.S. President Donald Trump’s presidential election, which is causing a stir with his blunt remarks such as “sterilizer injection.” Recent opinion polls show a 6 percentage point fall behind Joe Biden of the opposition Democratic Party.

According to a poll released by the U.S. daily USA Today and Suffolk University on the 27th (local time), Joe Biden had 44 percent of the votes nationwide. The figure is up 3 percentage points from 41 percent in December last year, when the impeachment trial was in place. Trump, on the other hand, showed a 38 percent approval rating, down 6 percentage points from 44 percent in December last year. Its ratio of voting for a third candidate fell 3 percentage points to 8 percent of the survey from 11 percent in December last year.

USA Today analyzed the results of the study as a result of the coronal virus infection. The newspaper analyzed, “President Trump’s political position (Trump), which was not affected by the U.S. Senate’s impeachment trial due to Russia’s alleged intervention in the 2016 presidential election or the Ukraine issue, was affected by the Pandemic (a global pandemic) in which people’s lives are at stake.”

In particular, Biden overwhelmed Trump in the category-by-item evaluation. Biden scored higher than Trump in five of the six categories surveyed. In the “strong leader” category, Trump (45 percent positive) was higher than Biden (43 percent positive). In the category of “considering people like me,” 57 percent of the respondents said they were positive about Biden and 39 percent Biden (51 percent) outperformed Trump (45 percent) in the category of “doing things well,” while Biden (58 percent) beat Trump (43 percent) in the category of “representing the interests of the United States.” In the category of “can collaborate with foreign leaders,” Biden 64 percent to Trump 45 percent.

Trump’s worst-rated items were “honesty and trust.” In this category, 47 percent of respondents gave positive reviews to Biden and 31 percent of Trump.

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