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It may be a sad day for the athletes but probably the safest for everyone that the 2020 Summer Olympics are officially postponed.

Just on Monday, the International Olympic Committee has already shown some hints that games will most likely be postponed to a later date.

It has been a discussion across the athletes from all over the world regarding the schedule of the largest sporting event.

It was said to behold in July. The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, already confirmed it and said that he asked Thomas Bach, president to the I.O.C., for the one-year delay and that Back had agreed 100%.

The leaders from the organization have acknowledged the said postponement and said that in this way, athletes would be able to train safely and that Japan’s preparation of more than $10 billion wouldn’t go to waste.

The country’s 7-year expenses and preparation won’t go to waste.
The original plan was scheduled to be on July 24, but many of the athletic groups called for them to postpone it due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

They have taken into consideration the possibility that things would go back to normal such as global travels being safe again by July. Still, the athletes currently have limited ability to train.

Initially, the I.O.C. maintained its wait-and-see stance and even said that they wouldn’t cancel the 2020 Olympics. Bach refused to set a date during an interview on Thursday.

There was a lot of pressure for the postponement of the Olympics. Norway, Brazil, Canada, and the U.S. Swimming and Track and Field submitted letters and made statements that the games be postponed.

On Sunday, Bach wrote a letter through their website.

A portion of the message said,

“ So, like you, we are in a dilemma: Cancellation of the Olympic Games would destroy the Olympic dream of 11,000 athletes from all 206 National Olympic Committees, from the I.O.C. Refugee Olympic Team, most likely for the Paralympic athletes, and for all the people who are supporting you as coaches, doctors, officials, training partners, friends, and family. Cancellation would not solve any problem and would help nobody. Therefore, it is not on our list…

A decision about a postponement today could not determine a new date for the Olympic Games because of the uncertain developments in both directions: an improvement, as we see in several countries thanks to the severe measures being taken or a deteriorating situation in other countries.”

It added, “Together with all the stakeholders, and we have started detailed discussions today to complete our assessment of the rapid development of the worldwide health situation and its impact on the Olympic Games, including a scenario of postponement. We are working very hard, and we are confident that we will have finalized these discussions within the next four weeks.”

On Tuesday morning, the official news that the 2020 Olympics would be moved to July 2021 because of the Covid-19. This is the first time since World War II that the Olympics will be suspended.

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