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The spring equinox is on Thursday, March 19.

It is when both the hemispheres from the north and south will have more or less the same amount of daylight.

For those who are living in the northern hemisphere, this is the beginning of spring where daylight will begin to lengthen until the summer solstice.

For those who are at the southern hemisphere, it is the beginning of fall/ autumn for them.

For more technical words, the equinox happens when the sun is directly in line with the equator which will happen at 11:49 pm Eastern time on Thursday.

Sadly, the equinox is at the wrong time as people all over the world are panicking over the coronavirus.

Everyone is recommended to stay away from other people and avoid activities in groups.

However, nature will go on its course.

Flowers will still grace us with their beautiful blooms, trees will start having their leaves, animals will slowly wake up from their slumbers, temperatures will surely start to rise and sunsets will become later into the night.

The spring equinox is the changing of daylight all through the years because of this: the world spins on a tilted axis.

It is tilted possibly because an object hit the Earth billions of years ago. For 6 months, the North Pole is pointing to the sun whereas the remaining 6 months, the South Pole gets more of its sunshine.

Therefore, it makes the 4 seasons.

On March 19, you will have equal day and night, for the majority of the people around the world. Although not everyone will have the same amount of daylight. Alaska will have 12 hours and 13 minutes; Florida will have 12 hours and 6 minutes of daylight.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:
Meteorological spring includes March, April, and May; meteorological summer includes June, July, and August; meteorological fall includes September, October, and November; and meteorological winter includes December, January, and February.

For many of the meteorologists, they say that spring in a lot of parts of the country came early because of different factors, “Earliest spring (“first leaf-out”) on record for a large portion of the Southeast. Many areas are nearly 20 days earlier than average.

There is a myth ongoing during an equinox, some say that you can balance an egg on its tip but it is a myth. Sunshine and gravity don’t have anything to do together.

The only truth is that after a year, probably, you can balance an egg if you practice every day.

For many wonderings, there are also equinoxes on other planets around the solar system. Some have some of the tilts maybe only little like Mercury that has only a 2.11-degree tilt whereas an extreme one is from Uranus with a 98-degree tilt.

So, a fun trivia we have for today as many of us may just be inside the house quarantining ourselves but don’t stop to look outside and admire the start of spring.

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